Winter Sowing Free Seed Giveaway

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Last year, I had drawings for free seeds throughout the winter sowing season. The giveaways were a huge success, so I’ve decided to do it again this year!

Winter sown containers

If you’ve never heard of winter sowing, you’re missing out!

Start by clicking here to check out what it’s all about.

(Note: You don’t have to winter sow to win free seeds, please continue reading to see all the ways you can enter to win.)

Throughout my winter sowing season, I will post a status report each week listing the seeds I’ve sown during that week, keeping track of my total container count as I go.

I want you to follow along with my posts and share your total container counts each week too. I will track the total count of containers sown by everyone who participates.

Every few weeks, I will giveaway free seeds to one lucky participant (via who has added their counts since the previous drawing. Each prize will include a variety of seeds (I haven’t bought them yet, this picture is from last year).

FREE seeds (actual prizes may vary)

Here are all the ways you can enter the contest…

Points for winter sowing (1 point/entry for each)…
 1.  If you’re winter sowing along with me, post a comment each week on my status report telling me how many containers you’ve sown that week. I’d also love to know what state/zone you’re in (optional).

 2.  If you’re a blogger, write a blog post about winter sowing and share the link in the comments of my blog (I’ll try to remember to include a Mr. Linky to make it easier for you). Also, make sure to include a link back to my blog on your post mentioning my contest

Bonus points* (counted whether you are winter sowing or not, +1 point/entry for each)…

  1. Become a new follower of my blog
  2. Like my page on Facebook
  3. Start following me on Twitter
  4. Post this contest on Facebook, linking back to my blog
  5. Tweet about this contest on Twitter, linking back to my blog
  6. Follow me on Pinterest (new this year!)
  7. If you aren’t winter sowing, but are sowing seeds, you can post those numbers too (separately from your winter sowing count)

The contest starts today, so start posting those numbers! I will announce the date of the first drawing in my status report, which will come out sometime next week.

If you live outside of the Continental US, you can’t win the seed prizes – but I would still love to see your winter sowing status and container counts! So join in the fun (please note where you live so I know you’re not entering the contest).

What are you waiting for? Get Busy sowing those seeds… and sign up to win free seeds today!

*Please leave a comment telling me all the things you did to earn points

Disclaimer: I purchased these seeds and am giving them away as prizes for the sole purpose of generating excitement around winter sowing (and hopefully my blog). I am not getting any payment or kickback from the seed company. 

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  1. says

    I followed you on Google friend connect, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, I shared on FB, and twitter. I have 14 different types of seedlings started. (Indoors, not wintersown.)

  2. says

    This is GREAT! I liked you on FB, shared the contest on my wall and joined your blog through my seed2seed google account. I am a 2nd year winter sower and currently have 249 containers.. yes – 249 whopping containers on deck with over 50 that currently have sprouts!

    • says

      Hi Lisa! WOW, 249 containers SO FAR!?! That's awesome – you go girl!! I can't wait to see your final number. You must be in a warmer zone that I am, sprouts this early here in MN would not be a good thing. What zone are you in?


  3. says

    I have followed all on Pinterest and pinned you. I liked you on FB and joined you with the google widget you have here. Have not started anything yet, tis a bit early for me here in Northern Ohio.

    • says

      Hello and welcome – thanks for all the pins/likes/follows! I suppose Ohio is having a warmer than usual winter this year too, seems to be the trend. Will you be winter sowing this year? I plan to start this weekend, but I'll keep my eye on the temps. I think it will stay cold enough to start winter sowing, but we'll see.


  4. says

    Followed you on Pinterest (mine is omnimatopoeia, I'm just getting started!) and am looking forward to joining you in winter sowing. I will admit to being apprehensive though. I'm moving this weekend and while I'll have an east facing balcony (score one point for morning sun) I'm not sure my new neighbors will appreciate motley containers. Maybe if I make it look more cohesive I&#

    • says

      Hello Sasha, welcome to the contest! I just started with Pinterest too – be careful, it's addicting!! :-) Good luck with the move to your new house.

      I know what you mean about the neighbors. The first year I started winter sowing was the same year new neighbors moved in next door. I was so worried they would hate me and wonder why I had garbage sitting all over my deck! LOL. As it

    • says

      Thanks for your well wishes! I live in DC and unfortunately the temperatures fluctuate like crazy here, it doesn't stay below freezing for any extended period of time. Should I wait to start my winter sowing?

    • says

      I think you should be ok to start winter sowing now. All the winter sowers in zones 6 and 7 have been sowing like crazy for several weeks now. I am going to put my winter sown containers in full shade until it get closer to spring. You could try that to keep them from prematurely sprouting.

  5. says

    I'm in 7b, and it is warmer than usual for this time of year – but I have faith in the seeds/sprouts and Trudi's awesome technique. I'd love to share some pics once I figure out how!!

  6. Anonymous says

    Newbie to wintersowing! New to gardening, too, so making all sorts of mistakes! I have 32 containers but I think some of the stuff won't make it because it was too early.
    I'm in zone 6A.

    • says

      Yeah! Good for you for trying winter sowing, and gardening! Welcome to the contest. I learn by doing and make mistakes all the time, even though I've been gardening most of my life! Experimenting is part of the fun! Could you let me know your name so I can track your counts in the contest? Thanks!


  7. Simne says

    This is my first year winter sowing, and so far I have 19 containers. I'm in Denver, CO, which is zone 5. I started right away on Winter Solstice, and I'm thinking positively and hoping that it wasn't too early to start some hardy perennials. We'll see come spring!

  8. says

    Is this where I'm suppose to post to enter the giveaway? I'm not sure what you meant by status report page.
    Anyway,I started following you on Pinterest and also pinned a few of your posts from this blog. I'm in zone 7a and it has been a super warm winter. I haven't started winter sowing yet. I need seeds (hint)! I have planted about 50 seeds in our cold frame spinach, lettuce

    • says

      Hi homeblessings! Yes, here is great. Welcome to the contest. Sorry for the confusion. I post a weekly status report and I hadn't posted one yet (just posted it a few minutes ago :-) It's been really warm here too, very strange. I love that you have a cold frame! I started using mine last year and now I want more! In zone 7b, I'm guessing your seeds will be just fine. :-) Can't

  9. says

    Hi Amy
    My container count is at 13. It has been so warm here in NY! Apparently some of the plums trees in NYC have already blossomed! Hope you have a successful WSing season!

    • says

      Hi Kirstie! So glad to see you winter sowing again this year! It's been really warm here too. Looks like our count is the same so far! :-) Hope you keep those number coming, can't wait to hear more about your WS season!


  10. Margis says

    My count is 30. I got them done last week. I used ice cream pails. Cut the center of the lid's out and lined them with clear heavy plastic. Zone 4. I am going to try tomatoes. I have read a lot of articles and it appears there are mixed feelings about WS tomatoes. I want a lot so I can preserve ketchup and salsa.

    • says

      Hi Margis – welcome to the contest! I have used ice cream pails before and I love them! I'm in zone 4 too, Minnesota. I have mixed feelings about WS tomatoes and peppers too. I've had mixed results. Last year, our spring was so cold, it took forever for these seeds to sprout, and some just rotted. I would recommend trying both the winter sowing method along with starting some indoors.

  11. says

    This is my first year wintersowing, and so far I have six containers (Mostly milk jugs and two empty 2-liters of soda). So far, it's various columbines and some "Watchman" hollyhocks. I'm curious to try a lot of other things, though.

    I'm in zone 4a/5b, depending on the map.

  12. says

    I grow plants and produce during the season here in North Carolina. To date I have started close to one hundred different vegetable, herb and flower varieties. I like you on FB and shared your page there. I don't tweet and haven't a clue about Pinterest. Good luck to all the gardeners out there and here's to a great growing year for all!

  13. Ronda says

    LOVE YOUR BLOG! Thanks for sharing. I liked you on Facebook and joined your followers on Pinterest. I just for the first year ever sowed seeds of vegetables and flowers for this years garden. I was inspired last spring by an old friend to begin my own garden, I was a success because of her, but I also became addicted to gardening.

    My husband last summer helped me build a

    • says

      Hi Ronda, welcome to the contest. Thanks for the follows and your nice comment about my blog!

      I'm glad to hear that you love gardening and starting plants from seed. It's fun to be able to collect and sow your own seeds from year to year. Your greenhouse sounds great, I would love to see a picture of it. It's too cold here to overwinter much in the greenhouse I have now,

  14. says

    I am in love with winter sowing! I have been doing it for 3 years now. I started after multiple failed attempts at all of my seedlings damping off. :( Nothing worse than weeks of work and they all die. I don't go too crazy with containers as I use gallon size milk jugs. I have 10 this year. Got them in rather late this year, but I have in the past without any problems. Probably 4-6 seeds in

    • says

      Hi Chelle! I am in love with winter sowing too! :-) I agree, it is so much easier than starting them indoors. Yes, we've had goofy weather this year too. I love the treat of a mild winter, I hate the cold weather. It has made for a late start on winter sowing for me too. Thanks for the nice comment!


  15. says

    I am now a fan on Facebook too. I can verify if needed. I am also following you on Twitter as NewMommiezBlend :) Is it easier for you if I do each entry by themselves or clumped together? Like here I put FB and Twitter entries together. Don't want to make more work for you.


  16. says

    Following you here and on facebook, Like or LOVE your information! I would love to win seeds but I am already winner by using your shared resources! I began winter sowing this year and so far so good… Anxious for my early morning peeks at my seedlings with what has transpired overnight! I just realized I posted again on March 13th! Thanks for your response. I will try to post some pics of my

    • says

      Thanks for the follows/likes and the wonderful comments about my blog! I'm so glad you enjoy it. It is exciting to check the containers every day isn't it. Hope yours do well for you this season.