Messina Wildlife Squirrel Stopper Product Review

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Messina Wildlife Squirrel Stopper

Over the past few years, the trees in our neighborhood have matured and the squirrels have moved in. Ugh! I've never had to deal with squirrels in my yard and gardens before... yes, I've been lucky (up until now)! Thankfully I haven't had any trouble with the squirrels bothering my gardens (knock-on-wood), but they have been major pests on the bird feeders. After the squirrels knocked down one bird feeder several times and destroyed another one, I decided it was time to take action. I don't use chemicals in my garden, I stick to organic pest control methods. And, of course, I would ..Continue Reading...

Show Off Your Garden with #sharemygarden

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Purple Coneflower |

There are so many beautiful things blooming in my gardens right now, I can't share photos of everything. So, recently I started sharing short video ..Continue Reading...

How to keep summer containers and hanging baskets lush and gorgeous

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Petunias in Container |

Despite our meticulous green thumbs, summer’s extreme weather can wreak havoc on our planters that looked so lush and promising when we planted them ..Continue Reading...

The Blueberry Project

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The Blueberry Project |

This year, my "new to me" plant is blueberries! I'm not gonna lie, I've been hesitant to try growing blueberries because I've heard they can be a lot ..Continue Reading...

A Six-Step Approach to Organic Gardening Pest Control

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Spotted Cucumber Beetle |

Controlling pests in the garden without reaching for synthetic pesticides doesn't have to be intimidating or difficult. It merely requires a little ..Continue Reading...

2015 Garden Focus

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Vegetable And Rain Gardens |

Our summers here in MN are really short, and I always seem to run out of time to get everything done in my gardens (well, that and my to do lists are ..Continue Reading...

When To Transplant Seedlings Into The Garden

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When To Transplant Seedlings |

Spring weather is unpredictable, and it can be hard to figure out when to transplant seedlings into the garden. After a long, cold winter, we are ..Continue Reading...