The Blueberry Project

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The Blueberry Project |

This year, my "new to me" plant is blueberries! I'm not gonna lie, I've been hesitant to try growing blueberries because I've heard they can be a lot of work. Plus they aren't hardy in my zone, which makes them a higher maintenance plant. Well, this spring I was lucky enough to receive some samples from Brazel Berries, and now I'm excited to see how well these will do here in Minnesota. Heck, one of the blueberry plants (Jelly Bean) even says it's hardy down to zone 4 (hey, that's my zone!), how exciting is that?! The others are only hard down to zone 5. I am planting them in containers ..Continue Reading...

A Six-Step Approach to Organic Gardening Pest Control

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Spotted Cucumber Beetle |

Controlling pests in the garden without reaching for synthetic pesticides doesn't have to be intimidating or difficult. It merely requires a little ..Continue Reading...

2015 Garden Focus

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Vegetable And Rain Gardens |

Our summers here in MN are really short, and I always seem to run out of time to get everything done in my gardens (well, that and my to do lists are ..Continue Reading...

When To Transplant Seedlings Into The Garden

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When To Transplant Seedlings |

Spring weather is unpredictable, and it can be hard to figure out when to transplant seedlings into the garden. After a long, cold winter, we are ..Continue Reading...

How To Grow Carrots From Seed

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How To Grow Carrots From Seed |

Carrots are fun to grow, and homegrown carrots taste way better than store bought carrots. Growing carrots from seed can be a bit tricky, but it's ..Continue Reading...

Bye-Bye Bambi – Deer Resistant Edibles

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Deer Resistant Vegetables |

Most food gardeners know there is no such thing as a deer-proof plant - if hungry enough, deer will eat anything - but over the years I’ve learned ..Continue Reading...