How To Control Squash Bugs Organically

How to Control Squash Bugs Organically

Squash is one of the highest maintenance vegetables that I grow in my garden. I love squash, so I always fight the good fight against any bad bugs that try to steal my yummy harvests (don’t mess with me bugs!). Squash bugs are out in full force right now, keeping me on my toes in […]

How To Make Bee Balm Tea

How To Make Bee Balm Tea From Your Garden

  I posted something on social media the other day about harvesting bee balm from my garden to make tea, and since then I’ve gotten a ton of questions about how to make bee balm tea. Making bee balm (Monarda) tea is super easy. You can make the tea using freshly harvested bee balm, or […]

Eggshells As Organic Pest Control

Eggshells as Organic Pest Control

  The flea beetles have been worse than ever this summer, and the Japanese beetles are no fun either. On top of that, the slugs have been turning my hostas into Swiss cheese. (Ahhh, the joys of gardening) I need all the help I can get fighting these and other pests in the garden. There […]

How To Build Squash Arch

How To Build a Squash Arch

Squash is a bully in the garden, and it will take over if you don’t control it. I used to grow my squash on the ground, and train the vines to stay in a neat row (well, as neat as squash can be). Not anymore, now the squash in my garden grows vertically. I built […]

A cheap Alternative To Coconut Liners

A Cheap Alternative to Coconut Liners for Your Planters

What to Use as an Alternative Planter Liner I have a few of those metal planters that came with a coconut liner when I bought them. The coconut liner always looks so beautiful freshly planted with summer annuals. But after a season or two, the coconut liner looks dingy and gray. Plus, the birds like […]

20 Low Light Houseplants

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20 Low Light Houseplants

One of the biggest problems that many houseplant growers face is the lack of light in their indoor gardening space. I mean, wouldn't it be great if every room in your house had huge south-facing windows? ...Dreamy! But, back in the real world, nobody has that much sunlight in their house, and many rooms don't get any direct sunlight at all. If this sounds familiar to you, and you're wondering... "What low light houseplants can I grow in my indoor gardening space?" ...then this list is for YOU! Related Post: How To Control Houseplant Pests The good news is that there are lots of low ..Continue Reading...

A Giveaway Just in Time for Fall: Troy-Bilt JET Leaf Blower

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Troy-Bilt Jet Leaf Blower

Fall is here and the leaves are dropping like crazy, which adds another task to my fall garden cleanup checklist. But this year, I am one lucky girl! ..Continue Reading...

How To Collect Butterfly Weed Seeds From The Garden

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How To Collect Butterfly Weed Seeds

Butterfly weed is one of my favorite plants that I have growing in my gardens. Not only does it add amazing color to the garden, the butterflies flock ..Continue Reading...

Collecting And Storing Bean Seeds

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Collecting And Storing Pea Seeds

Beans are one of the most commonly grown vegetables in home gardens. I mean, who doesn't love garden fresh green beans? Yum! Not only are green beans ..Continue Reading...

Book Review: Ball Blue Book Guide To Preserving

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Ball Blue Book Guide To Preserving Book Review

I picked up my copy of the Ball Blue Book Guide To Preserving as an impulse buy when I bought my first canning supplies a few years ago. As a newbie ..Continue Reading...

Overwintering Coleus Cuttings

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Overwintering Coleus Cuttings

Coleus plants are one of the most colorful plants you can grow in the garden, and they add a wonderful tropical feel. They come in all kinds of color ..Continue Reading...