Plant a Mum in a Pumpkin – Step by Step Instructions

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Here’s an easy and fun idea for fall decorating, and it’s inexpensive too (especially if you grow pumpkins and mums in your garden). Turn a pumpkin into a cute planter for bright mums.

First, select pumpkins or gourds and mums that look nice together. I really liked these cool looking gray pumpkins, and thought they would look really nice with the dark red flowers of the mums.

How to plant a mum in a pumpkin

Gently remove the mum from the pot it came in.

Gently remove mum from the pot

Use the pot to trace a circle on top of the pumpkin. This will be the opening where you will plant the mum.

Trace the opening for the plant
Line for cutting the opening

Use a sharp knife to cut the opening in the top of the pumpkin. Follow along the line you drew as close as you can.

Cut the opening

Once you’ve cut the opening, pull out the top of the pumpkin and toss it into the compost bin.

Remove the top of the pumpkin
Toss the top into the compost bin

You may need to remove some of the guts and seeds from the pumpkin to make room for the plant. Simply scoop them out with a spoon. You don’t need to remove all of the stuff inside the pumpkin, just enough to make room for the plant.

May need to make room for the plant

If the pumpkin is really hollow, add some potting soil so the plant won’t sink in too deep.

Add potting soil if necessary

Place the mum into the pumpkin. I like to put mine in so the top of the rootball is about 1/2 – 1 inch lower than the top of the pumpkin. This way dirt won’t run down the sides of the pumpkin when you water the plant. Fill in around the rootball with potting soil if necessary.

Planting a mum in a pumpkin

You can leave it as is, or dress it up by adding a bow or some decorative fall garland to the pumpkin.

Add some flair

That’s it. For less than $10 and only about 10 minutes of my time, I have this cute decoration. (of course, it would have been much cheaper if I would have grown these pumpkins in my garden, maybe next year!) I made two of them and mixed them in with the other pumpkins currently adorning my front step. How cute are these?

Cute and inexpensive fall decorations

You can do this with any size mum/pumpkin combination, or you could use gourds instead of pumpkins. Get creative and have fun with it. What a great way to use up all those extra pumpkins and gourds you grew in the garden this year.

Wouldn’t these be nice as a hostess gift, or a centerpiece for Halloween or Thanksgiving parties? The best part is that once the mums are done blooming, you can toss the whole thing into the compost bin.




    • Amy Andrychowicz says

      Thanks Sarah, I’m glad you like it! No, the pumpkin won’t rot the flower. The flower is just a short lived decorative flower. So, by the time it’s done blooming, freezing temperatures will be here and the whole thing can go right into the compost bin. You are so sweet!


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