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Are you tired of…

  • Starting seeds too early, only to end up with weak, leggy seedlings
  • Starting seeds too late, only to end up with tiny seedlings that never mature
  • Planting too many seeds, or not enough seeds
  • Planting seeds that never grow
  • Killing entire trays of seedlings
  • Watching all of your seedlings die as soon as you plant them into your garden

I totally understand because I’ve been there… growing seeds used to be a huge struggle for me, and I’ve made every single mistake in the book!

I believe that every gardener should know how to grow their own seeds so they can have as many plants for their garden as they want - and that’s why I created The Seed Starting Course, the only online course if it’s kind!

This is a fun, in-depth training that will guide you through my proven system for successfully growing seeds step-by-step.

What Will You Learn In The Online Seed Starting Course?

  • My proven system that makes growing seeds much easier, broken down into bite-sized lessons
  • Money saving tips - there’s no need to spend a ton of cash buying fancy seed starting equipment!
  • How to mix different seed starting methods so that growing seeds will become easy for you
  • How to choose which types of seeds will grow best for you
  • How to avoid common seed starting mistakes
  • Troubleshoot common seed staring problems
  • How to care for your seedlings so that they will thrive in your garden
  • The critical step that you must take to ensure your seedlings survive the transition to your garden
  • How to determine when to start your seeds, and when it’s safe to plant your seedlings into the garden
  • How to store leftover seeds, and test to make sure old seeds will grow before you waste time and money planting the duds
  • How to create your own, customized seed starting schedule that you can use to make it easy to start your seeds year after year
  • And much more!

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