ATTENTION NEW GARDENERS: Are you tired of spending too much money buying plants for your gardens and summer containers every spring? Discover now…

How to Grow Any Plant You Want From Seed So You Can Fill Your Gardens And Summer Planters, Without The Guilt Of Spending Tons of Money Buying Plants Every Spring

This Brand New Training Reveals a System for Starting Your Plants From Seed That Will Make It Much Easier for You to Grow Whatever You Want From Seed, and Save Yourself Tons of Cash -- Even if You’re Just Getting Started

Date: November 17, 2017

  • Would you like to grow your garden plants from seed rather than buying plants every spring?
  • Are you worried about wasting time and money struggling to figure out how to grow your seeds?
  • Are you a self-proclaimed “brown thumb” who’s tried growing plants from seed before, only to end up killing all the seedlings?

I totally understand because I’ve been there… and I’ve made every mistake in the book!


I've started my seeds too soon, only to end up with weak, leggy seedlings that would never survive long enough to be planted into the garden.

I've started my seeds too late, only to discover they weren't mature enough to plant in the spring.

I've planted too many seeds or not enough seeds. I've planted seeds that never grew, vegetables that never produced, killed entire flats of seedlings, had all of my seedlings die as soon as I planted them into the garden, or freeze because I planted them too early.

And it makes it even worse when everyone online makes it seem like it’s super easy to grow seeds, leaving you feeling like a failure. But it’s not your fault. Growing plants from seed is NOT easy if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Since 2002 I’ve been growing my garden plants from seed, and now I start most of my vegetables and annual flowers, and many of my perennial plants from seed.


Seed starting has been so successful for me that I hardly ever buy plants at the garden center anymore.

I’ve saved myself thousands of dollars over the years growing my plants from seed, and you can too!

Now, for the first time ever, I’ve broken down my system that makes starting plants from seed much easier. This is the system I use year after year to start my garden plants from seed.

I’ve simplified this system so you can successfully grow your garden and container plants from seed too.

I am so glad that your online course came to me at the time it did. I had been an avid gardener for many years, when I owned my home. I now live in a townhome with a smaller area to work with, and your course has definitely helped me to gather my ideas together. I appreciate how you get to even the most minimal things of concern in your course. Thanks for deciding to produce this online course.

Madlyn Barileau

GBG is a great resource for information on gardening. It motivates me to get my hands dirty, both outside and inside. Amy inspires me to incorporate gardening and the benefits of it into my life. I have enjoyed the rewards of fresh vegetables, tea recipes, and beautiful house plants. However, my favorite was winter seed sowing. If you do not know what that is, I highly suggest you check her out!

Nikki Becker

I have learned so much from Amy as a long time fan of Get Busy Gardening! Amy breaks down tips into easy to follow instructions and she will inspire anyone to truly get busy in their garden. Amy provides so many wonderful ideas and tips that one can't help but try something new from her like I did with winter sowing seeds. Your dirt awaits many exciting possibilities with Amy as your guide.

Julie Schlagel


  • All the money you’ll save once you’re able to grow anything you want for your garden from seed
  • Having more than enough plants so you can fill your vegetable garden, as well as your flower gardens AND your summer containers too
  • Being able to do all the yard and garden projects that you want because you’re not worried about budgeting so much
  • Knowing which seed starting method is best to use for different types of seeds to make seed starting simple
  • Feeling confident that you can easily grow any plant you want from seed without killing tons of seedlings in the process

THIS is why I’ve decided to launch a brand new training…


In this brand new, in depth training you’ll learn…

  • The supplies and equipment you’ll need to start your seeds, and how to cut costs on equipment
  • Three methods for starting seeds including growing seeds indoors, direct sowing and winter sowing
  • How to mix different methods for starting seeds so that growing plants from seed will be easy
  • How to choose which types of seeds to grow, and the best seeds to use for each method of starting seeds
  • How to avoid common seed starting mistakes and troubleshoot common problems
  • How to care for your seedlings so that they will thrive in your garden
  • The critical step that you must take to ensure your seedlings will survive the transition to your garden
  • How to determine when to start your seeds, and when it’s safe to plant your seedlings into the garden
  • How to store leftover seeds, and also test to make sure old seeds will grow before you waste time and money planting the duds
  • How to create your own, customized seed starting schedule that you can use to make it easy to start your seeds in the future
  • And much more!

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up for the Seed Starting Course:

  • 7 Comprehensive Course Modules Broken Down Into Bite Sized Lessons

    Each module will be broken down into multiple lessons so you can go through the lessons and implement the action steps at your own pace.

  • Two prerecorded Q&A Calls

    Listen to the prerecorded Q&A calls to get your questions answered. Listen to them any time you want, there’s no expiration date.

  • Handouts

    Throughout the modules, I’ll give you checklists and handouts that will help you keep track of the things you learned, as well as lists of supplies and seeds.

  • Worksheets

    I will also give you worksheets to use during and after the class that will help you stay organized, track your progress, and create your own seed starting schedule for future use.

  • Lifetime Access To All Class Materials and Recordings

    You’ll be able to access the class modules, materials, and recorded Q&A calls whenever you want. This way you can refer back to them time and time again in order to make rapid progress!

  • Access to a Private Community of Support

    You’ll also get access to my private Facebook group, set up exclusively for the people who take this class. So you can ask as many questions as you want and get a community of support, as well as support from me.

This is the first online class of it’s kind! There’s no other online seed starting course that will offer you this much detail, one-on-one and community support, or show you in depth the exact steps for starting seeds.

I've packed my 15 years of experience with starting my plants from seed into this class - so you can learn from my mistakes, avoid all the frustration and overwhelm that I went through, and learn how to start your own seeds much faster than I did.

Once you know how to grow your plants from seed, you’ll be able to fill your gardens and summer planters with as many plants as you want, without the guilt of spending all that money every spring.

In just my first season of starting seeds I saved almost $300! I'm confident that this training will save you $1,000s on your garden over the long-run, because you will be able to grow your plants from seed rather than having to buy new plants at the garden center every spring.

Join me for the Seed Starting Course and learn how to save yourself tons of cash every year by growing your garden plants from seed!

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your investment is protected by my 60-Day “no questions asked” money back guarantee. Enroll in the program, put it into action and see the results for a full two months. If you’re not happy, just send me an email in the first 60 days and I’ll give every penny back right away.


Seed Starting Course Outline

This online class is designed to help gardeners learn how to start their plants from seed in order to save money on their gardens, and grow any type of plant they want from seed. The goal of the class is the help gardeners learn the best methods for starting their gardens from seed so that they can easily grow anything they want for their gardens without having to worry about their budget.

Module 1: Seed Starting Methods and Equipment

In module 1, I will introduce to you to three common methods for starting seeds, indoors, direct sowing and winter sowing. Then we’ll dive right into the details of starting seeds indoors. We will talk in depth about the types of equipment you’ll need for starting seeds indoors. I will give you the very basics of what equipment you need to get started (there’s no need to buy a ton of fancy expensive equipment!) and money saving tips for cutting the cost of the supplies.

Module 2: When to Start Seeds and What Seeds to Grow

In module 2 we will cover how to figure out when to start your seeds and how to choose what types of seeds to grow. I’ll discuss the types of seeds that are easiest for beginners, and also which seeds are best to start indoors, and which seeds are easier to use for direct sowing or winter sowing. I will also show you how to test the viability of old seeds, so you know that your seeds will grow before you waste any time or money planting them.

Module 3: Planting Your Seeds

Module 3 is where we’ll start to get our hands dirty! First I will show you the ideal setup options for your seed starting equipment, and how to prepare your seed flats for starting your seeds indoors. Once your equipment is ready, it’s time for the dirty work! I will walk you through and show you exactly how to start your seeds indoors step-by-step.

Module 4: Caring For Seedlings

Ok, we’ve planted our seeds and now we’re done, right? Wrong! Planting the seeds is the easy part, and now comes the real work. In module 4 we’ll discuss how to care for your seedlings (the hardest part about starting seeds indoors!) and troubleshoot common problems so that your seedlings will not only survive, but will grow strong and stay healthy over the next several weeks before they can be planted into the garden.

Module 5: Winter Sowing Seeds

In module 5, I’ll go into more detail about the winter sowing method of starting seeds. I'll start by discussing winter sowing supplies you'll need, the types of containers you can use, and I'll show how to prepare your containers for planting. Then I'll walk you through how to winter sow your seeds step-by-step, and also how to care for your winter sown seeds through the winter and into spring.

Module 6: Potting Up Seedlings and Direct Sowing

In module 6, we’ll discuss the benefits of potting up your seedlings into larger containers (an optional step). I’ll talk about different options for containers that you can use, and also show you exactly how to pot up your seedlings. We’ll also talk about direct sowing seeds in your garden, the timing, and which types of seeds to use. Then I'll take you out into the garden and show you how to direct sow your seeds step-by-step.

Module 7: Getting Seedlings Ready For Life Outside, Creating A Seed Starting Schedule and Storing Leftover Seeds

In module 7, we’ll talk about how to know when it’s safe to plant the seedlings you started indoors into the garden, and how to plant them. Then I’ll show you the critical step that you must take before your seedlings can be planted into the garden. This is possibly the most important step that many new gardeners miss when starting seeds indoors (and one of most common causes of seedling death). I’ll walk you through step-by-step to show you exactly how to ensure your seedlings will survive the transition to the garden. We’ll also talk about how to create your own seed starting schedule to help with your future planning. Then we’ll wrap things up with talking about how to store your leftover seeds so that you can save them to plant next year.

Start the gardening season off right this year by learning how to grow your own seeds!

No more scouring the internet trying to piece together all the information you need, hoping it’s accurate. It’s all right here, laid out for you!

You’ll have someone (me!) show you exactly how to start your seeds, and you can go through each step in the process at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

I believe that every gardener should know how to start their plants from seed so they can get as many plants as they want without having to break the bank. And I want to make sure this training is affordable to EVERYONE!

Which is why I’m offering this online class at such a low price.

The best part is that once you learn how to grow your plants from seed, this class will easily pay for itself - many times over!

Join me for the Seed Starting Course and learn how to save yourself tons of cash every year by starting your garden plants from seed!

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Today Only $97  $75

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1 payment of $75

Or Split The Payments Into

3 Easy Payments of $33

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Still Have Questions?

On the fence? Wondering if this Seed Starting Course is right for you? The answer you need may be found below…

  • q-iconWho is this class for?

    This class is designed for gardeners who are tired of spending a ton of money buying plants for their gardens and planters every year, and want to learn how grow them from seed in order to save money. The class is primarily designed for gardeners who are new to starting seeds, brand new gardeners just starting out, or gardeners who’ve tried starting seeds before but it was an epic failure.

  • q-iconWhat will we do in this class?

    Beginning the day you sign up, the class modules will be sent daily to your inbox. Each module will have action steps you can take to get started right away. The modules will be broken down into multiple lessons so you can watch the videos, read the materials and implement the action steps in small increments at your own pace.

  • q-iconWhat this class is not

    This class is not for you if you’re a seasoned gardener who’s already a pro at starting your gardens from seed.

  • q-iconWhen will the class start?

    The lessons for the first module will be sent to you right away, and you can work on them at your own pace. Then each day you will get a new module in your inbox, for a total of 7 modules. There’s no deadline to finish the class modules, you set your own schedule.

  • q-iconWhat will I get?

    Lifetime access to all of the class materials and recorded Q&A calls so you can go through the lessons at your own pace, and as many times as you want or need to. You could go through them every year as a refresher. You’ll also get access to my private Facebook community that is set up exclusively for the people who have taken this class. That way you can ask as many questions as you want and get a community of support. I will also be in there regularly to answer your questions as well.

  • q-iconWhat are the benefits of taking an online class?

    The benefits are numerous! There’s no deadline to finish so you can work through the class materials at your own pace. Pause, rewind, fast forward, start over or watch it over and over… whatever you need in order to learn at your own pace! Plus, since you’re doing all the hands on work in the comfort of your home, you’ll have everything you need (seeds, equipment, dirt…etc) right at your fingertips. You can literally get your hands dirty while you work through the modules, and even take it with you into the garden if you want. And the best part… you can take the entire class in your pajamas – we won’t tell!

Today Only $97  $75

(Hurry, sale ends soon!!)

1 payment of $75

Or Split The Payments Into

3 Easy Payments of $33

Split the payments