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How to Easily Grow New Plants So You Can Quickly Fill a New Garden Area or Expand Your Houseplant Collection Without Having to Spend a Ton of Money

This Step-By-Step Guide to Plant Propagation For Beginners Will Show You How To Propagate Your Plants - Even if You Don’t Know What the Word “Propagate” Means

Date: May 17, 2021

  • Would you like to be able to fill your home and gardens with as many plants as you want without worrying about sticking to a budget?
  • Are you tired of feeling frustrated at the garden center because you can’t afford to buy more than a few plants at a time?
  • Are you worried that it’s going to take you years or thousands of dollars to get all the plants that you want?

I Know What It’s Like Because I’ve Been There

propagatingSucculentsI know what it’s like to yearn for having a beautiful collection of plants.

I know it’s tough to see all the plants for sale at the garden center, knowing that your limited budget means you have to pick and choose the ones you can buy.

Maybe you’ve tried experimenting with plant propagation before based on something you read online, but it was an epic failure. It’s not your fault.

Most information about plant propagation on the internet is way too technical for the beginner to understand.

You end up feeling like plant propagation is a skill that can only be mastered by a horticulturist.


After buying my first house in 2002, I was totally house poor. I desperately wanted to get some houseplants to spruce up the place and start a garden in my brand new backyard... but I didn’t have any money left in my budget to buy plants.

That’s when I began learning about plant propagation.

Since then, I’ve successfully propagated all of my houseplants, and many, many of my garden plants using several plant propagation methods.

Free Plants for the Taking

These plant propagation methods can be used over and over to multiply your plants as many times as you want.

I’ve simplified the process so that you can quickly become an expert at multiplying your plant collection, and fill your life with all the plants you desire.


  • Being able to multiply any plant you want without having to spend a dime
  • Having an unlimited supply of plants to trade with friends and expand your plant collection even more
  • Quickly filling a new garden area or your home with as many plants as you want for free
  • Owning a plant collection that rivals that of a garden center

Plant Propagation Made Easy: The Secret To Getting Free Plants

This Money-Saving Ebook Reveals...

  1. How to get started propagating plants without having to buy any expensive equipment
  2. The easiest methods for propagating plants so you can get started right away
  3. How to propagate plants step-by-step using basic techniques
  4. How to fix or avoid common problems in order to be even more successful
  5. How to quickly and easily make your own propagation soils
  6. And much more...

Price Today Only: $10 $5

You might be thinking, “Only $5, how good could this be?” There are four reasons why I’m selling this guide at $5.

  1. I remember what it’s like getting started while on a tight budget. $5 puts the guide within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for anyone who’s ready to get started propagating plants.
  2. At the same time I only want to work with people who are serious about learning how to propagate plants. Investing $5 shows me (and more importantly, shows YOU) that you’re eager to learn, and will get the most out of your investment.
  3. Anyone who IS serious enough to invest the price of one new plant to buy this guide has the opportunity to multiply their plants and expand their plant collection as much as they want.
  4. I look at this as the beginning of an ongoing relationship with you. When you see how much money this guide will save you, I know you'll continue to work with me to learn more about plants and gardening.

So if you're serious about learning how to propagate plants click the "Add to Cart Now" button below. If you need to justify the expense, skip two lattes this week and it's paid for.

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Plant Propagation Made Easy: The Secret To Getting Free Plants

Today Only $10 $5


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Read and use the guide risk free for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied that it will save you money, just ask for a refund and I’ll immediately give your $5 back. No hassle. No questions asked.


gardens Now you have a choice to make.

A few weeks from now you could still be trying to piece together free information you find scattered around the internet, hoping that it will work.


You can follow my Plant Propagation Made Easy guide that simplifies everything I've learned about the easiest methods for propagating plants. Get started propagation plants now.

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Plant Propagation Made Easy: The Secret To Getting Free Plants

Today Only $10 $5

P.S. This guide reveals the simplest methods for easily propagating plants. It will show you exactly how you can quickly start multiplying your plants for next to nothing. As you know, one quality plant costs more than $5. For less than the price of one plant, I'll show you how to grow as many plants as you need.

P.P.S. Remember, your investment is 100% covered by my No Risk Guarantee. You can't possibly lose money. I've made it a no brainer.

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Plant Propagation Made Easy: The Secret To Getting Free Plants

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