Winter Sowing Seeds on The Winter Solstice

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Happy winter solstice. That’s right, today is the first day of winter here in the northern hemisphere (although we’ve already had a solid month of winter here in Minnesota).

Winter Sowing Seeds on The Winter Solstice

It is the shortest day of the year, but also the turning point for sunnier days ahead. Yippie! It’s also a special day in the world of winter sowing seeds. Many avid winter sowers mark this day as the first official day of the winter sowing season. That means it’s time to get busy winter sowing seeds.

Winter sowing seeds has become pretty popular over the past few years, but not everyone has heard of it. Winter sowing is a way to start seeds outside during the winter in recycled plastic containers. If you’ve never heard of it before, or need a refresher, start by reading this post… Winter Sowing Seeds

Winter sowing seeds
Winter sowing seeds

I’ve written several posts about winter sowing seeds over the past few years. These posts are great sources to find information about winter sowing seeds, get your questions answered, and give you detailed steps on how to get started.

Information About Winter Sowing Seeds:

  • Getting Started Winter Sowing Seeds: Last year I wrote a series of FAQ (frequently asked questions) posts to answer the most common questions I get asked about winter sowing seeds. The first post is about getting started, and it contains links to the other posts. Each one will answer questions relevant to the different phases of the winter sowing process. Here’s the first post in the series…  Winter Sowing FAQ – Getting Started >>
  • Types of Containers For Winter Sowing Seeds – There are tons of different types of containers that can be used for winter sowing seeds. I have been winter sowing seeds for several years now and have tried just about every type of container I could think of. I share my opinions and tips about choosing the right container for winter sowing in my post… Containers For Winter Sowing >>
  • Cleaning Winter Sowing Containers – Reusing plastic containers that otherwise would have been thrown out is one of the great things about winter sowing seeds. An added bonus is that some containers can even be used for a few years. Last year I wrote a quick post which contains tips on how to clean your winter sowing containers. Read all about it here… Cleaning Winter Sowing Containers >>
  • Motivation to Winter Sow Seeds – I keep track of how many containers I winter sow each year, and share my list of seeds sown with you. To generate excitement and make it more fun, I bribe you to share your numbers too. I have FREE seed giveaways where I ask everyone to share their container counts, then I pick winners for the seeds. It’s a ton of fun. Last year together we sowed 754 containers. How awesome is that? I bet we can do even better this year!

I won’t start winter sowing seeds until after the holidays, just because it’s such a busy time of year. I will definitely be sharing my progress, and I will definitely be giving away more FREE seeds this year so stay tuned for that!

Containers for winter sowing seeds
Containers for winter sowing seeds

Even if you’re not going to start winter sowing seeds today, you can start planning what seeds you want to winter sow. Also, start collecting and cleaning containers, and don’t forget to buy some dirt so you’re all ready to go when you decide to start.

When do you usually start winter sowing seeds?

Winter sown seeds ready to be planted
Winter sown seeds ready to be planted




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    I don't usually start sowing till some time in January. In a normal winter here in the PNW, we get a few warm temps before Christmas, which might prompt the seeds to sprout too early. I have big plans for this year's sowing, lots of seeds to start.

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