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I recently got to go to Arizona with a group of fantastic people, and I am excited to tell you all about my experience. You’ve probably been seeing me post a lot lately about the Troy-Bilt Saturday6, and you might be wondering what that’s all about.

A few months ago, Troy-Bilt contacted me and asked if I would be interested in being a member of the Saturday6 team this year. I followed along with this group last year, so I was thrilled when I got the email. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity!

The Saturday6 is a group of garden bloggers that Troy-Bilt put together from around the country. Throughout the summer, we will be testing and reviewing Troy-Bilt products, sharing our gardening knowledge in the Troy-Bilt newsletter The Dirt, making how-to videos, and sharing tips and ideas via Twitter and Facebook.

First, let me introduce you to the other five members of the Saturday6 team…

  • Noelle Johnson from Arizona - Noelle is the author of the blog AZ Plant Lady, and a garden writer. She is also a brilliant horticulturalist and landscape designer.
  • Matt Mattus from Massachusetts – Matt is the author of the blog Growing with Plants. He is a genius in his knowledge of botany, and has some amazing gardens with a rich family history. He also has a fabulous greenhouse (which I’m jealous of).
  • Dave Townsend from Tennessee – Dave is the writer behind the very popular blog Growing the Home Garden. He’s also in the process of making his long time dream of owning nursery into a reality; he’s in the process of starting up The Blue Shed Gardens.
  • Steve Asbell from Florida – Steve is the author of the popular blog The Rainforest Garden, and an extremely talented artist. He’s also in the process of making his dream a reality; he’s currently writing his first book. 
  • Helen Yoest from North Carolina – Helen is the author of the beautiful book Gardening with Confidence, which also happens to be the name of her blog. She’s also a garden scout and stylist for garden magazines and other publications.

Please take the time to visit each of their blogs, they are all awesome writers.

Troy-Bilt Saturday6 team

Now back to Arizona… As a kick-off to the season, Troy-Bilt sent us all to Phoenix for a spring training event. We got there on Thursday, and went straight to the Desert Botanical Garden. Everyone was enthralled with the beautiful collection of plants, and our cameras were clicking like crazy.

The group at the Desert Botanical Garden

The poor tour guide didn’t get much of our attention though. We were all chatting and drooling like kids in a candy store. I’m not used to visiting botanical gardens with people who are as passionate about plants as I am, so this was truly a unique experience. I was in awe – not only because of the gardens, but because of the knowledge sharing that went on among all of the Saturday6 team members.

Needless to say, the six of us hit it off right away, and you could feel the synergy between us all.

The next day was the spring training event, where we got to test the Troy-Bilt products, and learn about the company. It was so much fun.

Me acting like the Troy-Bilt poster girl, love the Neighborhood Rider mower!

I tell you what, it would be really hard not to love Troy-Bilt. You can really feel the quality of their products.

Me testing out one of the trimmers

We all had a chance to test the products, and had some fun too.

Noelle testing out a walk behind mower

Noelle trying out one of the cultivators

Matt testing out the backpack blower

 Ghostbusters were spotted in Phoenix

Steve learning how to drive the Zero Turn riding lawn mower
Steve trying out one of the walk behind mowers

Dave using one of the tillers

Dave about to shred Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree

Helen using the chipper shredder

Helen looking like a pro driving the Zero Turn mower

Once we were done testing the products, we went inside to learn about the company. There were several Troy-Bilt employees at the spring training event, and they were very passionate about the company and the products. These were not canned presentations; you could see how excited they got talking about the company and the equipment, and they really stand behind it. It was a great day.

Spring training baseball game

No spring training event would be complete without going to a spring training baseball game, right? It was a great opportunity for the six of us to get to know each other even more. It was fun to sit and chat about gardening and blogging and writing and photography and… well basically every topic except baseball (oops!).

This was truly a wonderful experience for me, for all of us. I am honored to be a part of this amazing team. I left not only excited about Troy-Bilt and their products, but also with a new excitement around my blog and garden writing. I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

Disclaimer: Troy-Bilt® paid for my trip to Arizona, and I will also be paid for being a member of the Saturday6 team. The products I will be testing will be provided to me free of charge by Troy-Bilt®. Any opinions expressed by me regarding Troy-Bilt® products or events are my own.




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