Towers of Flowers

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Yesterday I took a little break from work and walked over to Macy’s downtown Minneapolis to see the flower show, Towers of Flowers. Spring hasn’t quite sprung here yet, so going to the show was a nice break from the cold weather we’ve been having lately.

There were blooming flowers everywhere, beautifully arranged. They had a soundtrack going with birds chirping and the sounds of spring…and it smelled wonderful too! As if my spring fever wasn’t bad enough.

I took several pictures, and here are a few of my favorites (the lighting in the show was really dark so please excuse the poor quality of the photos)…

Towers of Flowers
Yellow Orchids and Bromeliads (among others)
Wish this was in my backyard! Love the blue orchids at the top!!
Close up of the blue orchids, love them!!
Love the colors, beautiful!!

Leaning Tower of Flowers
Eiffel Tower of Flowers

Sea of Kalanchoe (the colors were so bright!)

Tower of Anthriums

Here’s the info for the show if you’re interested in going… Macy’s Towers of Flowers, it goes through April 10th. I wouldn’t make a special trip just for the show (it’s pretty small) but if you’re downtown Minneapolis during the show, it’s worth a walk through.

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    Hi Amy, looks just beautiful. I just saw an ad for the same at the Macy's in Chicago. I'd love to make the trek into the city to see it. I missed the Chicago Garden Show, so I need some garden fun. Lucky you with traveling to warmer greener places, New Orleans. After becoming a gardener, travel takes on new meanings, everyone laughs at all my flower photos in amongst the family ones!

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    I'd love to know if the on in Chicago is bigger than the one in Mpls. I'd be fun to compare. I know what you mean about traveling taking on new meanings! I never used to notice all the plants when I traveled and now it's one of the things I get the most excited to see…and I take tons of pictures! :-) Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

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