To Preen or Not to Preen

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Preen Weed Preventer with Brilliant Bloom Fertilizer - 16 lb. 2163864 I have been using Preen in all of my gardens for the past few years. I first discovered Preen one spring when I was busy with life and neglected my gardens.

A few weeks after tilling and planting my vegetable garden that spring, it was completely overgrown with weeds. When I say overgrown, I mean the ground was totally covered in weeds that were several feet high. I couldn’t see any dirt, or my vegetables for that matter.

My Vegetable Garden in Spring

That spring, I spent my entire 3 day Memorial weekend pulling weeds.

Three days just to rid my vegetable garden of weeds (oh, my back!!).

Ugh, it was terrible.

My dad is my gardening mentor and I remember thinking “Dad doesn’t have any weeds” and feeling ashamed that I had neglected my gardens so much. So I asked my dad what to do, and he told me about Preen. The weeds in my gardens have been easy to maintain since I started using it.

But I have always wondered if it is truly safe to use in my vegetable garden. It says right on the label that it is safe to use in the vegetable garden. I have done some research on this and I have found many articles that say this chemical is probably not the best thing to use in the vegetable garden. The problem is that most of these articles are people’s opinions. I haven’t found anything conclusive about the safety of using this product in my vegetable garden.

My Vegetable Garden

I know the bottom line is that using a chemical in the soil of my vegetable garden is probably not a good idea.

I have been thinking about trying purely organic methods for a while now.

So, after writing this post and thinking more about this topic, I think I am going to start experimenting with other forms of weed control in my vegetable garden.

I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this topic. What do you do to control the weeds in your vegetable garden?

If you have any questions about gardening, or ideas for a topic you’d like me to write a blog post about; please feel free to add a comment on any of my posts. You can also post something on my Facebook page.



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    It is always a problem when controlling weeds. I have gone to raised beds and I seem to be able to control the weeds a little more.I do use roundup on some of the stubborn weeds being careful not to get it on any other plants. I have a milk jug I have cut the bottom out of, I place it over the weed and spray down through the top.Roundup becomes inert when hitting the soil, so I don't mind

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    Hi Keewee, Thanks for visiting my blog! The milk jug idea is a great one! Thanks for sharing that. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who's been know to use chemicals on weeds. It is indeed a never ending battle.


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    you hands and fingers work well.. Monsanto is roundup!.. they will cheat, lie and steal to get to your wallet.. and to your genes!.. time will tell how monsanto will kill us.. near 70 and I will bend to my knees and pull weeds before I EVER use a chemical on any of my gardens.. I have pets. .there is wildlife everywhere. .birds, snails, slugs, dogs, cats, deer. on and on.. and this is killing

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      Hi Jim,
      LOL, you found a really old post. I have since gone 100% organic in my vegetable garden, and most of the other areas of my yard. Good for you for being such an avid organic gardener! :-)


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