Product Review: Troy-Bilt 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

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Spring is always a busy time of year, there are so many chores on the to do list. Some of these chores are enjoyable, some are not. Maintaining the fence and deck are definitely not on the fun list – and this year we have to stain both. The stuff that’s on the not-so-fun list tends to get put off again and again, and I am an excellent procrastinator!

But I was actually motivated and excited to prep the fence and deck for staining, because I got a shiny new toy…

Troy-Bilt 3000 PSI Pressure Washer

One of the perks of being a member of the Troy-Bilt Saturday6 is that I get to test out their products, and I even get to keep a couple. Troy-Bilt gave me the 3000 PSI Pressure Washer to review, and I get to tell you all about it.

Just out of the box, minor assembly required

This pressure washer could not have come at a better time, and has made the job of cleaning the fence and deck a breeze. I even got other long overdue chores done.

Me pressure washing the fence

In addition to cleaning the fence and deck, we used the pressure washer to knock down some old wasp nests, and it did the job no problem. I also used it to wash the siding on the house (which is a job I’m ashamed to admit we have never done). Wow, I couldn’t believe the gunk that came out of the crevices at the bottom of the siding when I washed around the door – yuck!

Fence pressure washing before (left) and after (right)

The pressure washer comes with several spray tips, which adjust the flow of water through the nozzle. Each spray tip can be used for different jobs. One thing we liked right away is the accessory tray that attaches to the pressure washer to hold the spray nozzles. Each one is marked to tell you what its purpose is. The spray tips snap in there nice and tight, so they won’t fall out and get lost.

Accessory tray to hold spray tips

We had fun trying out each one. They are easy to change out.

Changing the spray tip
Spray tip attachment

Both the input and output hoses attach on the bottom/front of the pressure washer. It was a bit akward to figure out how to move the pressure washer around at first, we were worried it would take two people. But once we figured out that it’s easiest to straighten out the hoses first, and pull the machine backwards, it was much easier to maneuver.

Hoses hooked up

This pressure washer has a reservoir for soap, which is a really nice feature. I put a little bit of pressure washer soap in there to test it out, but I didn’t want to fill it up until after we finished with cleaning the fence. I couldn’t find a way to turn the soap off, and I didn’t want to use it on the fence.

Soap dispenser

One thing that I don’t like is the location of the trigger release button on the handle. The red button on the side of the handle is the trigger release, and you have to push that before you can pull the trigger. As you can see, my hand is not big enough to reach both at the same time. So, I have to use two hands to release and pull the trigger. My husband’s hands are larger, but he had the same issue. It would be nice if the release button was on top of the handle, where my thumb is in this picture.

Handle is a little hard to work with

I’ve never used a pressure washer before, and I was a little intimidated at first. But this pressure washer is easy to use. It only took a few minutes for me to assemble it once I removed it from the box. The directions that came with it aren’t that great, so I needed a little help figuring out where to attach the everything. Once I had it all put together and ready to use, it was easy to start and get right to work on those not-so-fun (but now kinda fun) chores. Plus, it takes regular gasoline, so no mixing with oil, which is very nice.

Here’s a quick video of me using the pressure washer on the fence, so you can see it in action… Troy Bilt 3000 PSI Pressure Washer in action

All in all, this pressure washer is excellent. It did a great job, and it’s very powerful.

Disclaimer: Troy-Bilt® gave me this pressure washer as part of my payment for being one of the Saturday6 members. Even though they gave me this product free of charge, they wanted me to give my honest opinion in this review – good or bad.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you. Almost put one in my buggy today. I had the same question you answered that if you put pressure washing detergent in, how to you not flow that ? Also, I am confused about the adjusting the pressure, reading 3000 PSI MAX. Well, what if I want little power, can I adjust that down ? Did not see that on any models in store from $ 299 to $ 1,500. I've seen them priced at $ 7,500.

    • says

      Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of work to do there. I think you would need some kind of an industrial washer for all of that. Doing it by hand with any residential pressure washer would take you forever. I wonder if there's some kind of industrial equipment you could rent. Something meant for large parking lots and street sweeping. Good luck to you!


    • Anonymous says

      Well, it's just time. Needs to be done rather frequently. Have Pecan grove. That leaves green slime on cement. Every season something is falling from Pecan grove. Long spindly needles, green flowery buds, pecans, and of course the husks – then there are the leaves all the while limbs falling every night all year long. I guess it's the Pecan grove that is the real problem. Given up

    • says

      Oh, that mess you describe sounds terrible. This pressure washer is definitely powerful enough to do the job of removing it. But with such a large area to clean every year, whew, that's a big job! Sorry to hear your old one got ruined, that's terrible.


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