June What’s Blooming

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I’ve been busy snapping pictures in the gardens. There are so many blooms in June, this would be a really long post if I included them all. Here are some of my favorite early June blooms, I’m sure I’ll post more pictures in a few weeks with more June blooms.





Siberian Iris

Iris (was marked ‘Clarence’, but I think that’s wrong)



Centaurea ‘Gold Bullion’


Snow in Summer


Iris ‘Before the Storm’

Sweet William



What’s blooming in your gardens?




  1. says

    Roses are in full swing, Siberean Iris (the bearded iris are all done), foxglove, sedum, clematis. The coreopsis is close to popping too.

    What a wonderful time of the year in the garden!

    I have an iris that looks a lot like the one you called Clarence. I don't know its name but I've had it for almost 20 years!

  2. says

    Hi David – thanks for sharing what's blooming in your garden, sounds like yours are at the same stage as mine. My roses are beautiful right now, and the irises are done. I love all the blooms and am constantly bring cut flowers into the house and to work. I know some people are very particular about knowing the names of irises… but I'm not good at keeping track of them, I just love to

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