Free Seed Giveaway Drawing #3 and 4

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We’re coming to the end of the winter sowing season, that means we’ll get to start gardening soon!!

Spring has finally sprung!!

The current running total of containers winter sown by all of us so far is:  354


I did the final drawing for the free seeds giveaway and as promised, I picked two winners this time (with the help of

For the first winner, I drew from the names of the people who entered the contest since the last winner was drawn. So the first winner is…


For the second winner, I threw everyone’s name back in from the start of the contest (back in February). The winner from that drawing is…

Lady Bug

Congratulations to you both!!

Lady Bug, I will be in touch soon. Colleen, I’m not sure how to contact you. You can either leave your email address here, on my Facebook page… or you can find my email address on my Facebook page.

Even though I’m done with the seed drawings, I will continue to keep track of the container counts, so keep those number coming. I have more containers left to sow and then I’ll be wrapping it up for the season (probably another week or so to go for me). 

One last note, I have had a few questions this week from readers and I wanted to post some notes about them. If you’re winter sowing along with us, here are some reminders for you:

  • If you live in Minnesota, or in any zone 4 or under – don’t panic if your containers haven’t started sprouting yet. I only have tiny sprouts in 3 of my containers so far. This is three weeks later than last year…but last year we had an unseasonably warm spring. Now that it’s warming up, we should start to see sprouts here very soon!
  • If any of your warm weather seedlings are sprouting now (anything that is not frost hardy), make sure you protect them from a hard freeze. (Last year we had a hard freeze in April and I lost a few of my zinnia seedlings.)
  • Check that the soil in your containers isn’t dried out. If it’s starting to dry out, give it a good soaking.
  • Double check that none of your containers are sitting in full sun. As the snow melted, some of my containers slid down to a full sun spot, so it’s good to check on them now that the snow has melted. Also, remember that the sun changes position in the spring so some of your containers that weren’t in the sun last month, may be in the sun now.
  • Check your containers every couple of days for new sprouts. I like to separate my sprouting containers from my non-sprouting containers so I don’t have to open every container each time I check. (I get very excited this time of year and check my containers daily!)

As always, if you have any questions, ask away.

If you have any questions about gardening, or ideas for a topic you’d like me to write a blog post about; please feel free to add a comment on any of my posts. You can also post something on my Facebook page.



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    Funny, I did just separate ours out, it was getting too time consuming scanning over all of them searching for new seedlings!