Easy Edibles #5: Collecting Dill Seeds

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This is my fourth post in a series I’m writing about easy edibles to collect and grow from seed. In my previous posts, I wrote about collecting radish, pea, lettuce and also cilantro seeds. Another edible that is easy to grow and collect seeds is dill.

Fresh dill
Fresh dill

Dill is an herb that can be used in tons of recipes, and is essential for making dill pickles.

Much like cilantro, dill can become a welcome weed in the garden.

The seeds spread and sow themselves readily.

Dill is another edible that must bolt (i.e.: flower) in order to set seed.

So, if you want seeds, allow a few plants to flower.

The flowers are tiny and insignificant. You might not even notice them.

Once the flowers disappear, and the plant loses all of it’s leaves and dries out, you will notice the seeds at the tips of the star shaped stems.

Dill flower after setting seed
Dill flower after setting seed

Allow the seeds to dry on the plant. When they’re ready to harvest, the plant will be almost completely dead. Don’t leave the seeds on the plant too long, or they will eventually blow away.

Dill seeds are flat and oval shaped. They are light-grayish in color, with lighter colored stripes running the length of the seed, and also around the outer edge of the seed. Collect the seeds by gently pinching them off into a paper bag or bucket. Allow the seeds to dry out completely before storing.

Dill seeds and chaff
Dill seeds and chaff

Dill seeds are easy to germinate and can be winter sown, started indoors or direct sown. Direct sowing and winter sowing are my preferred methods. As I mentioned, they will also self sow; but I always start a few of my own, just in case.

If you love growing dill, take a little time to collect the seeds. They are fun to share with friends, and best of all, you’ll never have to buy dill seeds again!

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