Composting Through the Winter

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I compost year round, regardless of the weather. Here in Minnesota, our winters are looooooong. If I only composted during the nice months, I would only be composting half the year.

Me trudging through the snow with the compost

Ever since I started composting a few years back, it’s difficult to throw away any compostable materials.

It’s such a shame to waste it by just throwing it in the garbage or down the garbage disposal.

Compost buckets on porch

So last year, I kept composting through the winter.

I keep a couple of buckets in the screened in porch to dump stuff in.

It freezes out there, so they don’t get stinky.

Compost tossed into the bin

When they’re full, I trudge out to the garden and dump them in the compost bin.

Then I will cover it all with snow.

The bin is pretty full by the time spring rolls around, which gives me a great jump start for my summer composting.

Compost bin covered with snow

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  1. says

    thanks for posting, I have been trying to figure out what bin or container to use for composting. We live in a neighborhood and our fence is short, so I'm sure nosy neighbors would love to report us for a "pile of yard waste". I'd love just an enclosure like yours, but I may have to opt for a diy barrel or something. Regards, Michele

  2. says

    Hi Michele,
    I wonder if you could put lattice around it to hide it better. Or you could build something out of wood with a lid instead to keep it cheap. I put mine in the back/middle of the vegetable garden and then surround it with plants. That way, it's completely hidden around the outside once the vegetable plants are mature. If you end up getting one of those composters with the

  3. says

    That's such a great idea with the lattice, we have some on the bottom of the deck so that would blend in well. I may have to do that when we get our diy rain barrel. Maybe I could grow some climbers on it. Funny, after I posted, a friend sent me a link to a Sam's Club basic composter that got decent reviews an was $39. So now we're in the composting business here! Have you seen those

  4. says

    Michele, definitely let me know how things go if you end up purchasing a composter. I think I know which one you're talking about (the one that swivels). I like the idea of having one of those fancy things…but I would think those would be more of an eye sore than the cheap make your own bin or a basic purchased bin. The cheap ones can blend in better if you put them in the garden. Like I

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