15 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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Sometimes winter feels like it’s going to last forever. This has been a very cold, brutal winter for many and it’s starting to wear us. I’ve been hearing a lot of people talking lately about how depressed they’ve been feeling, so I came up with 15 ways that will help you beat the winter blues…

15 Ways to beat the winter blues:

  1. Buy some fresh cut flowers – Go out and get yourself some fresh cut flowers and put them on your desk, or somewhere that you’ll see them throughout the day. Make sure they smell good too.
    Fresh cut flowers help with winter blues
    Fresh cut flowers help with winter blues
  2. Get some greenhouse time – Visit your local conservatory or greenhouse and enjoy the warm humid air. If you can, bring a book or magazine with you and spend some time relaxing and reading.
  3. Start your garden – Get your hands dirty and start sowing some seeds. For some of us, it’s too early to start seeds indoors, but now is the perfect time to winter sow seeds.
  4. Enjoy forced spring blooming bulbs – I buy myself a container of forced spring blooming bulbs every year, and it helps so much. I get the ones that have a mix of crocus, hyacinth, tulips and a few others. This way, it lasts well over a month and is blooming constantly.
    Forced spring blooming bulbs are perfect for the winter blues
    Forced spring blooming bulbs are perfect for the winter blues
  5. Experiment with seeds – Seeds are a fun and inexpensive way to experiment with different growing methods. Try winter sowing seeds, or start growing some greens or herbs indoors. I also love to grow fresh sprouts during the winter. It’s super easy, and sprouts are delicious on salads and sandwiches.
  6. Buy a new houseplant – I love to surround myself with green all winter long, and buying a new houseplant always make me feel better. Indoor gardening is a great way to get keep you busy during the long winter. Just make sure you wrap it good before leaving the store so it won’t freeze.
  7. Smell the flowers – Go to your local flower shop or garden center and allow yourself to be surrounded by flowers. Just stand there for a few moments and breath it all in. This is sure to reset your mood in a positive way.
    Fresh cut flowers at the local market
    Fresh cut flowers at the local market
  8. Take a walk down memory lane – Look through your garden photos from the summer and share them with your friends on Facebook (or other social media sites). This could also help give you ideas for what you want to do in the gardens this year.
  9. Plan your vegetable garden – Start researching the type of food you want to grow this year, and plan to try something new. Then sit down and sketch out your garden plan.
  10. Go shopping for seeds – Seeds are all over the place right now. Take an afternoon and go shopping. My favorite place to buy seeds online is Botanical Interests. Let yourself splurge a little and buy something different. How exciting!
    Seed displays are everywhere this time of year
    Seed displays are everywhere this time of year
  11. Organize a seed swap – Get all your gardening friends together and spend a Saturday trading seeds. This is a cheap way to get new seeds, and it will help clean out your seed stash. Plus you get to hang with your friends, and talk about gardening.
  12. Have a seed sowing party – We had a seed sowing party with a few friends last year, and it was a ton of fun! We spent the afternoon chatting about the types of seeds we were starting, and what we were planning on doing with our gardens in the summer.
  13. Buy yourself a blooming plant – Orchids and African violets are commonly found in garden centers during the winter, but I have seen several other types of blooming plants around lately. Go out and see what fun blooming plants you can find.
    Tulips and Hyacinth in forced bulb container
    Tulips and Hyacinth in forced bulb container
  14. Visit your local garden center – When cabin fever sets in, sometimes I like to visit my favorite local garden center just to see what’s up. It’s fun to see all the displays they are starting to set up for spring, and I always walk out of there feeling much better. Plus if I get really lucky, I might find a steal in the clearance section.
  15. Browse through magazines – Get out of the house and head to your local bookstore. Find the gardening section of magazines and a chair, and start thumbing through. Your head will be buzzing with tons of new ideas when you leave. (Yah, you should probably bring a pad of paper and a pen with you too.)

If you do all of these things, I promise you will feel better. Hang in there, spring will be here before we know it!

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What do you do to stave off the winter blues?

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  1. says

    I too live in Minnesota and yes this winter has been brutal. I made it over to Bachman's this week for some therapy. I bought some seeds and 2 houseplants. And, it did make me happy. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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